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PregDesire: "A chance for life"
A chance for life

Welcome to PregDesire

Welcome to our website on your search to fulfill your wish to get a child. This search is often the outcome of multiple attempts, which unfortunately did not yield the desired result. Oocyte donation is usually the last opportunity to become pregnant.

PregDesire provides fertility treatments in the Czech clinic "EuroFertil" in Ostrava. We hope to offer exactly the treatment that you need, and which gives a view of your greatest wish: to become pregnant.

There are several reasons why a treatment with Egg cell Donation offers good prospects at PregDesire in the Czech Republic:
  • A modern clinic in the capital of the Moravia-Silesia region in the east of the Czech Republic. All current techniques are used.
  • Yearly approximately 300 treatments take place with a success rate of between 50% en 65%.
  • There are no waiting times. Almost immediately after the application, a plan will be sent, including the dates of the various stages of the treatment process.
  • The head doctor of the clinic specializes in the whole field of artificial reproduction, and can boast many years of experience.
  • The donors are between 21 and 34 years, have good health, do not smoke, are well educated and intelligent, have a western look and meet all the strict international criteria to donors.
  • Egg Donation in the Czech Republic is completely anonymous. The identity of the donor will not be known in any way. It applies vice versa as well: an egg donation with the help of a family member or friend will not take place, because in that case there is no anonymity.
  • Obtaining sperm using a medical procedure MESA/TESE) allowed/legal in the Czech Republic.
  • You'll stay in a four star hotel on base of bed and breakfast. Tasteful and complete meals cost between € 8,- and € 16,- per person.
  • Personal support on the spot in English or German.
The above is explained further on this website. Would you like a personal talk to discuss the details of your situation? We are always at your service!
Alde Leane 11
8857 BP Wijnaldum
M: +31 653 876 940
via Monticano 18
30016 Jesolo (VE)
M: +39 333 236 5865
27015 Firebush Dr.
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
T/F: +1 813 469 8928
EuroFertil CZ
Závodní 2885 / 86
Ostrava 703 00 - Vítkovice
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